HEALING HANZ Physiotherapy ultimately strives to prevent pain before it happens. This is done by providing individual and group education within businesses, corporations, offices, worksites, sports teams and schools. Too often people wait for pain to present itself and linger before getting the necessary help. With the right amount of balance in our daily lives, everyone can live stronger, longer.

What does the Workstation assessment cover?
  • The display screen equipment-includes both conventional screens and other similar devices such as laptops, dual screens, touch screens etc.
  • Seating and body positioning
  • Workstation and desk layout
  • A holistic assessment of existing injury/illness
  • Physiotherapy manual treatments are available for ongoing painful conditions
  • Group education is available to reduce business costs

Workstation Assessments

30 minutes: £45

Manual Therapy*

60 minutes: £60

30 minutes: £45


*Manual Therapy:  A treatment room can be set up in your business which includes: Deep tissue/trigger point release, acupuncture/dry needling, joint mobilisation and manipulation, biomechanics correction, strapping, Pilates and exercise therapy.